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Bartercard was founded on the Gold Coast, located on the eastern seaboard of Australia, in 1991.  The three founding Directors shared a dream and vision, to make Bartercard the world’s largest trade exchange, expand globally and sustain a brand identity with a street presence.
The company has led from the front through innovating and developing systems.  This organisation has also enjoyed rapid growth through the development of a sophisticated franchising model that has been efficiently replicated throughout the globe. Following its creation in 1992, Bartercard New Zealand became the first international franchise in 1993. This ultimately led to the creation of Bartercard International in 1995 . Bartercard now operates in 6 countries in the Asian Pacific Rim (including Australia), Middle East, and Europe.


Bartercard New Zealand was formed in 1992, becoming the first international franchise in 1993. It was purchased by the Red Eagle Corporation, headed by Tony Falkenstein, in 2001. Since its inception the Bartercard Trade Exchange has grown to over 7,000 member businesses across New Zealand trading over $200,000,000 worth of goods and services outside the cash economy each year. Every business that joins Bartercard is set up with an account to electronically track transactions in Bartercard’s currency, the Trade Dollar. These transactions can be conducted with an electronic swipe card (the Bartercard), manual voucher, or through the Bartercard eCommerce site.
Member accounts can be in debit or credit depending on the member’s activity with other businesses in the Trade Exchange. Bartercard members’ debit balances, which have a fixed limit set according to standard credit criteria, are maintained on an interest-free basis. One Trade Dollar is equal to one New Zealand Dollar for tax, GST, and accounting purposes.
The basic function of the Trade Exchange is to serve as a business network which helps member businesses conserve cash, increase profits, fill spare capacity, and clear excess or idle inventory. Gaining extra customers is cited by the vast majority of members as the reason they joined Bartercard. Though it is not a marketing-driven company, Bartercard is an extremely powerful marketing tool. Bartercard International, based in Australia, has proven its system of operating a Trade Exchange successfully all over the world. Bartercard New Zealand continually wins Bartercard International Licensee of the Year Awards due to its particular excellence in the barter industry.
Bartercard Exchange Limited acts as the manager of the Bartercard Trade Exchange, and is split in to three general areas of business: sales, trading, and administration. Bartercard currently employs 145 people in 15 locations around New Zealand. The sales team is responsible for bringing new member businesses into the Bartercard network. From there, the trading team works with members to educate them about the Trade Exchange and facilitates purchases and sales between members. Each Bartercard member business has a specific Trade Broker assigned to work with the business owners or managers to integrate Bartercard successfully into the way they do business. The administration division of Bartercard ensures the proper running of member accounts including transactions and coordinates the company’s activities nationally. 
From 2001 onwards, substantial investments were made into Bartercard New Zealand’s infrastructure, technology, and people. This set the platform for the business to begin a new growth phase in both profits and membership numbers, which is now well underway.

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