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26, Mar 2012
Aussie Group acquires Global Barter Giant:
Bartercard Australia has acquired the majority stake in International Franchise Licensor Bartercard Limited (United Kingdom).

Bartercard Australia (controlled by Brian Hall, Trevor Dietz and Tony Wiese) has acquired the entire 60% stake of the majority shareholder of Bartercard Ltd (UK); the International licensor of the Bartercard business to business barter trade exchange and global cashless payment system.

Founded in 1991 by Wayne Sharpe, Brian Hall and Andrew Federowsky today sees Wayne Sharpe step down from the role of Executive Chairman and CEO of the Bartercard Group of companies now after selling his majority stake.

Bartercard has been operating for over 21 years in Australia and has 35,000 international business members trading in 6 countries over $1billion a year.

Bartercard Australia team has plans to continue to invest in transactional based technology to make it easier and more convenient for business members to barter trade. Brian Hall says, “We also hope to ignite the international expansion program into other countries to create more travel and import/export opportunities for members worldwide.” Hall further says, “We are looking forward to the challenge ahead that is to make Bartercard as well known to business owners as Visa and Mastercard by becoming the noncash global trading currency of the world!”

Wayne Sharpe, who has led Bartercard since inception and humble beginnings on the Gold Coast, Australia, will concentrate all his efforts in the development of his exciting new carbon trading company called, Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX), which is based out of Sydney, Australia. Hall says “Wayne is hoping CTX will gain a lot of momentum to become a global player through his concentrated focus and with an expected boost of business as a result of the introduction of the carbon tax scheduled to start in Australia in July, 2012.”

Although Bartercard started in Australia the parent company moved to the UK over a decade ago when Wayne relocated to London. Bartercard European headquarters will continue to be led by UK CEO Simon Barker, and the new majority owners have big plans for expansion via their core franchising/licensing model into the UK and European markets. Bringing the ultimate ownership ‘back home‘ will help deliver a bright new future for Bartercard globally according to its outgoing CEO.

“Australians have played a huge role in Bartercard’s global expansion” says Wayne Sharpe. “It’s with great pride I look back on the past 21 years and I have no doubt that the new ownership will invigorate growth, I look forward to seeing the next 21 years.” On CTX he says ”the opportunity to bring my skills and experience to the huge challenge of Global Warming is my next challenge- and one I look forward to with enthusiasm”.

Bartercard Australia will announce a series of new restructuring roles internally in coming weeks and its entire executive management team are excited about the future and the significant opportunities this deal brings to the company.

Bartercard New Zealand is owned locally by majority shareholder Tony Falkenstein. Bartercard New Zealand continues to grow “we are looking forward to a great future for Bartercard with further international expansion, now more than ever is a great time to see how Bartercard can help in your business” says Bartercard New Zealand CEO Paul Bolte.

About Bartercard
Bartercard was founded in 1991 on the Gold Coast, Queensland, and has grown to become the world’s largest barter trade exchange, with 40 offices around Australia and operates within 6 countries around the world. Bartercard assists approximately 20,000 businesses in Australia , 7,000 businesses in New Zealand and 35,000 globally to barter their goods and services – without the challenge of a direct swap.

Through this process business owners have transformed their spare capacity, empty seats, excess or obsolete inventory, and downtime into new sales income that is used to offset cash expenses which increases their cash profits. Although the basic concept of barter is thousands of years old, Bartercard has used the latest technology and bank-like systems and created a flexible, secure and fully accountable way for businesses to barter trade their goods and services with businesses all around the country and the world.

Bartercard – Australia, UK, New Zealand, Thailand, Cyprus, UAE.

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