A restaurant wishes to "barter" for $10,000 worth of printing using meals and drinks.  No printer would ever want $10,000 in meals from the one restaurant, however by selecting a Bartercard printer, the restaurateur pays the printer with T$10,000 Trade Dollars. The printer’s account is "credited" and the restaurateur’s account "debited", so the restaurant now owes T$10,000 in meals to the Bartercard network, NOT the printer.  This is repaid as various Bartercard members come to the restaurant (new business) over the following months.  Hence, the restaurant has paid for its printing requirements with meals, using an interest-free "line of credit" and at a cost of approximately 30 - 40 cents in the dollar, in replacement good cost.

The printer can now use the Trade Dollars earned to buy office furniture, advertising, car repairs, stationery, courier services, colour separations, accounting and legal services ~ even a family holiday.  These are all commodities for which the printer would normally pay cash. By using their Bartercard Trade Dollars, the printer conserves his cash and benefits from the extra business.

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