The Bartercard EFTPOS initiative is one of the most crucial programs to take place in the history of the organisation. Bartercard has long known that the way forward was to ensure that its transactions could occur electronically.  Bartercard members are now able to process transactions electronically on both ETSL and ENZ platforms.

There are some great benefits to Bartercard members who use EFTPOS terminals, such as:

Speed of transaction - saving valuable time when you are busy with customers
Administration - members will spend less time on Bartercard transactions and processing
Reliability - less chance of human error and no need to obtain an authorisation number, making your business control more efficient
Service - with this time saving process, members will be able to provide a more efficient service to their customers
Best of all, you don't pay for the transaction on the terminal

As a merchant, when you use an EFTPOS terminal, you will normally pay fees for the transactions made with credit or debit cards to your bank. This will not change. However, all Bartercard EFTPOS transactions will be charged directly to Bartercard and not to any members. That's right! Bartercard pays for the transaction fee when you perform a Bartercard transaction through one of the partner banks.

The efficiencies of Bartercard EFTPOS outweigh the costs of the transaction fees and so Bartercard is happy to pay the banks directly for the transactions.

However, standard Bartercard transaction fees for performing a Bartercard transaction are still charged to both members participating in a transaction, as is normal for all Bartercard transactions.
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