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In May 2004 we were approached to join Bartercard. My initial response was Thanks but No Thanks, but I did listen to the Bartercard Representative's sales pitch. After giving it some though and making some inquires about Bartercard I decided that we had nothing to loose by becoming a member and giving it 12 months to see if they lived up to their promises.

It was a complete waste of time and money, after the first 12 months we had recieved Bartercard Sales amounting to $775. I had hounded our Account Manager for more business but the Bartercard staff seemed to be at a loss as to what to do to meet the sales targets that they had said would be no problem. If we had got even half of what they seemed to think was achieveable we would have been very happy.

At this time a new Account Manager appeared and said that Bartercard in Dunedin was no longer a franchise and would be run by Bartercard employed staff. We were convinced to give them a chance to turn the bad experience around. Immediate change in fortune and business started to be directed our way. Now, 5+ years later, we connot speak highly enough about Bartercard, they have exceeded all our expectations.

New members are continually being signed up which makes it easier to spend our trade dollars and the Bartercard Team are always tring to find new members to supplu goods that we want to purchase. Bartercard brings new business that we would not have had if we were not members and enables us to use the cash from our other clients in other areas of the business.

Our advise to anyone approached to join Bartercard, is to take the time to discuss how Bartercard can work for you with Bartercard's Business Developer. It is a great way to grow your business and in today's climate we can all do with some help.

Glynis Rees
Albatross Inn Ltd
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