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I am writing to you just to let you know the various ways me and my work colleges have managed to spend our barter dollars that we get as my bonuses from Graham.

At first it seemed a bit daunting using Bartercard but that didn't last long. Once looking through the Bartercard Book, I have found so many ways of using my barter dollars - its fantastic.

I have been able to get all my pets to the vet and get their vaccinations done all on barter, cleaning chemicals from Space Industries such as disinfectant, dishwashing liquid, spray and wip, Hand Soap which all saves money especially when you can purchase in bulk. I've purchased vodka, varieties of non alcoholica drinks, chocolates, flowers, accommodations while on holiday, emergency accommodation for family members and even the Dentist!! Dog and Cat food from Butch ... and the list just continues.

I would encourage any employer whom is currently pauing their staff cash bonuses to convert to bartercard dollars. At first I wasn't to enthusiastic about this, but its amazing how much you can do with barter dollars - compared with cash - which can easily be spent all in one day - comments I recieve from my colleges is that they are happy that their bonuses on barter as it makes them think twice on what they will spend it on and they actually plan and make it last longer that what the cash in hand would have.

Frank Brough
Operations Manager
Catering Solutions Group
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