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This is a quick note to say how much our company has appreciated being a part of the Bartercard programme. We are an internet based retailer and have found Bartercard very useful for our business in the following areas:

1. It has provided a channel of distribution for product items that we have overstocked or that we want to turn over such as end-of-line products. We are able to retain our margins on these items rather than discounting them in the cash economy;

2. We have found several online suppliers of services and products that we can spend our trade dollars on. These include:
  • Our web designers and web hosting services;
  • Graphic artists
  • Commercial photographers
3. We recognise the benefits of using trader dollars in the property market - especially having an interest free line of credit to be able to purchase property with. This is an area that we are going to develop further in our relationship with Bartercard this year.

Overall we are very supportive of Bartercard and find that it works well for our business.

Ra Winiata
Owner - I Want
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