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Joining the Bartercard Network has been a positive experience for my company with no down sides. The trade brokers have really helped in growing Bartercard sales and I have reached customers I would have never reached before. At first I was worried about how much it would impact my cash sales, but the Bartercard customers I have are loyal, however would never have used me on a cash basis. The cost of accepting for my business has become almost nothing as the resources I use to undertake this work are easily absorbed into my other costs, and I now refer to my trade dollars as my "free Money" and use it to reward my staff, wine and dine prospective clients as well as servicing my vehicles which saves me a lot of raw cash expenditure.

I recommend Bartercard to anyone who is looking to extend their client base as there are so many people who will use your business just because you are part of the network.

Ivan Larsen
General Manager
Prestige Transfers
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